[OZAPRS] Testing a New Fill-in Digi

larry larrykin at internode.on.net
Mon Mar 8 06:37:55 EST 2010

Hi Bob

The digi has been heard at Moorook by vk5rld-1 and gated here through 
vk5ly-4.  As I had a hardware failure yesterday morning (ADSL router u/s) 
and required a trip to Mildura to acquire a replacement  (Muphy dictates 
that these things happen on a long weekend!!) I cannot give an accurate 
reception report to this point.  However as all systems are go here now 
(barring further intervention from Murphy)  I will report on reception 
activity at Moorook after a reasonable period of testing.
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> We are currently testing a new fill-in digi operating as VK5THB-1 in
> Morgan, South Aus.  At this stage, it will be running for a few days and
> depending on a few things the testing might be extended or re-scheduled.
> It is incorrectly reporting it's position as the Adelaide metro which will
> be fixed on Wednesday - along with a couple of other config issues.
> It is getting back to the network reliably via VK5BRC-1 and any traffic it
> hears will get back to the Adelaide network and Internet as long as you
> are using a wide1-1, wide2-2 path.
> So far, some testing has been done and it is reliable from Morgan down to
> Blanchtown and thru to Truro, where 5BRC takes over.  We would really like
> to hear from anyone who is in the area over the next few days and collect
> reports of where it is heard - just drop a message with the callsign so we
> can look @ aprs.fi. At the moment, it has a 5 minute beacon, which should
> make it easy to see if you are within range.
> We will be doing further testing later in the week to try and determine if
> it actually fills the hole between 5BRC and 5RLD.  We will be doing a trip
> from Adlaide to Morgan via Eudunda and then a circuit to Waikerie,
> Blanchtown and Back to Morgan.
> It would be great to hear from anyone outside of these areas - such as in
> Burra, South of Blanchtown, and East of Waikerie towards Renmark.
> It is running a TT4 and 65Watts into an omni which should give a 60+ Km
> range for 50W moblie stations.
> Basically, if the testing proves successful, the coverage will fill the
> current hole in the coverage and provide good coverage for anyone on the
> Murray river for at least 40km up and down river (Waikerie to Blanchtown)
> Bob, VK5THB / VK5FO
> and
> Ray, VK5RR / VK6RB
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