[OZAPRS] Testing a New Fill-in Digi

Bob - VK5FO aprs at pilbara.com.au
Mon Mar 8 01:47:23 EST 2010

We are currently testing a new fill-in digi operating as VK5THB-1 in
Morgan, South Aus.  At this stage, it will be running for a few days and
depending on a few things the testing might be extended or re-scheduled.

It is incorrectly reporting it's position as the Adelaide metro which will
be fixed on Wednesday - along with a couple of other config issues.

It is getting back to the network reliably via VK5BRC-1 and any traffic it
hears will get back to the Adelaide network and Internet as long as you
are using a wide1-1, wide2-2 path.

So far, some testing has been done and it is reliable from Morgan down to
Blanchtown and thru to Truro, where 5BRC takes over.  We would really like
to hear from anyone who is in the area over the next few days and collect
reports of where it is heard - just drop a message with the callsign so we
can look @ aprs.fi. At the moment, it has a 5 minute beacon, which should
make it easy to see if you are within range.

We will be doing further testing later in the week to try and determine if
it actually fills the hole between 5BRC and 5RLD.  We will be doing a trip
from Adlaide to Morgan via Eudunda and then a circuit to Waikerie,
Blanchtown and Back to Morgan.

It would be great to hear from anyone outside of these areas - such as in
Burra, South of Blanchtown, and East of Waikerie towards Renmark.

It is running a TT4 and 65Watts into an omni which should give a 60+ Km
range for 50W moblie stations.

Basically, if the testing proves successful, the coverage will fill the
current hole in the coverage and provide good coverage for anyone on the
Murray river for at least 40km up and down river (Waikerie to Blanchtown)

Ray, VK5RR / VK6RB

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