[OZAPRS] HELP T700 25 pin connector

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Many Thanks for the replys I have three of these, two are UHF one VHF
, one uhf is trunking good for parts it the controller board with the
audio on it, a quick swap and the radio is working in full , TX and
RX, I did have an electronic copy of the manual some time ago and I
do remember section 8 b being the part of the 25 pin connector,
thansk for the people digging it up. 

	Now for some help for others, to program these radios you need a
very slow computer I found a 486 dx 266 running at 8 mhz does the
trick very well any fatser and it will not connect and download from
the radio. 
	If people have these radios and would like programming changes to
them I would be happy to do so. 

	I built a purpose computer just to do so, and finding old stuff is
starting to get a little hard, offer is there. 

	My two uhf radios are only outputting about 25 watts on UHF from
memory they where 30 watt radios and the final does get hot, I was
going to use an FM 900 with the extended PA (great for long overs to
get rid of heat) just that I have to go thru all the 900s and find a
working one. 

	looks like the echolink node is moths away unable to find a piece of
paper, so the machine will be used for the secondary use of APRS, love
	And again Thanks all 
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