[OZAPRS] HELP T700 25 pin connector

Dave Ingram bulk at ingramtech.com
Wed Mar 3 09:33:20 EST 2010

Hi Paul,

There is quite a lot of info on the T2000 and T700 series radios on Tait's
website. Have a look at
and you'll find user manuals, service manuals, programming apps etc. Joe's
sent through a drawing from one of the manuals, but there might be some other
things of use there.

The T700 is one of those 'Indestructible B at stards', so I'm surprised a chip
has gone. They were designed for repeater use too, so can do 25W all day every
day. If it is the modem chip for trunking that is blown then you can probably
get away without it, but you have to program some conventional channels into it.


On 2/03/2010 20:17, Paul Mullins wrote:
> Hi all ,
> does anybody have the pin outs for the Tait T700 series, normally these
> where the old telstra radio.
> Whilst I am asking does anybody know where I could find a copy of the
> workshop manual.
> as the radio is going to be a data radio only, do I need to fix the
> blown up audio chip?
> cheers All
> Paul

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