Garry VK2UNI vk2uni at bigpond.com
Sun Mar 22 19:01:59 EST 2009

Hi Robert,

I'm no authority, but my suggestion would be to load your TT4 Home SSID with 
just your callsign with the Home Logo/Icon.
You can look into the issue at a later date if required.
I can't recall seeing too many home SSID's with a -0 on the screen.

I'm running a TT4, but not for a home SSID configuration.

Kind Regards... Garry, VK2UNI.

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>I recently purchased two TinyTrak4 units primarily for vehicular tracking
> purposes.
> I used the tt4_firmware_loader_v0.1.3 to load Tracker_v4.07.  This made
> loading the firmware extremely easy.  I would recommend using this loader
> software.
> I then attempted the configuration phase.  Once again this process was
> extremely easy to perform using the TT4TrackerConfig
> I referred to the recommended SSID table for use with APRS in Australia, 
> and
> I assume worldwide.  The table suggested using -0 for home stations and -9
> for mobile stations.  I successfully configured a unit for VK2VRD-9 to use
> in my vehicle.  When I tried to set the configuration for VK2VRD-0 each 
> time
> I wrote the configuration to the TT4 it would remove the -0 and simply 
> save
> it as VK2VRD.
> Have I missed something?  Can the TT4 be configured with a -0 SSID?  I 
> don't
> particularly want to set both as -9 as I want the second unit to be a home
> base (not digipeater, not iGate) just a straight home base unit.  What 
> should I be using in this case?  No other SSID values in the table seem
> appropriate.
> Maybe someone can point me in the right direction
> Thank you
> Robert Duck - VK2VRD
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