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Hi David if we have a ZL 20M HF Gateway that hole is filled in. In ZL we
have a propagation issue if 40M is unworkable that is what we have at
present then no ZL HF solution will work that's why we then only have a
via VK option. 

I used mobile 40M APRS in 2001 for a trip around the lower south Island
it worked well for paths over 200Km but that time was much closer to the
top of the sun spot cycle than now yesterday Gareth was struggling to
make a 600Km path work.

If VK and ZL want to make use of each others HF gateways then we need to
use a frequency that works 7MHz only works at dawn and dusk 10MHz also
only works for 1 or 2 more hours than 7MHz but 14MHz will work for most
of the daylight hours as well as giving a east coast VK to west coast VK

I also do agree that a mix of 40M 30M and 20M gate ways will give the
greatest coverage.

I am working tonight to get my gateway up and going again. 

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Ray is correct. My push or 40m (not just for me) is because standard  
calls can't use 30m. 30m is ideal for the desert trips, but  
unfortunately I and other standard calls can't use it.

What I am suggesting is that my observations and predictions show 20m  
though better for data, does not provide coverage. The skip (dead)  
zone covers most of Australia at most times of day from Central  

Therefore what I am advocating is more igates on 40m because it  
provides a logical second choice to 30m, 20m being my third choice  
for the reasons metioned above.

More igates on more frequencies though is the ideal in my view.


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