[OZAPRS] HF Gateways

Jamie Campbell - VK2YCJ vk2ycj at bravo.net.au
Tue Jun 23 18:21:50 EST 2009


If one was going to build a dedicated box (rx/tx) and antenna system for the 
car for APRS, what would be the most appropriate HF band to use ?   40m, 
30m, 20m ?

Does anyone ever use 80m for APRS ?   Why not ?

The boys at the Mid North Coast Amateur Radio Club ( http://www.mncarg.org ) 
have recently bought some kits for a small 80m 5W SSB Tranceiver.  It's a 
very neat little kit and costs about $150.  At that price and size it would 
be ideal for a standalone APRS box, but I am not sure if the kit is 
available for other bands.

Any comments or suggestions appreciated.

Thanks ...

Jamie Campbell
vk2ycj at bravo.net.au

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