[OZAPRS] Plug computer

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Dec 11 18:45:38 EST 2009

Thanks Gavin,

I'd forgotten about that, despite lots of traffic on the aprs SIG (I 
think) quite recently.

Ray vk2tv

Gavin Rogers wrote:
> Tony Hunt wrote:
>> I wonder if you could use this to create a remote low powered Igate ? I 
>> bet you could. These are $99 US ..
> I bought a Buffalo wireless router from Retravision for all of $45. Many 
> 802.11 wireless routers based on a Broadcom chipsets will run an 
> embedded Linux distribution like OpenWRT. OpenWRT has a prepackaged 
> APRS-IS server and most of these boards give you at least 1 serial port.
> If you have an available wireless or Ethernet Internet connection 
> available, then presto, you have yourself an APRS-IS server.
> If you want to use a USB 3G modem, then many of the NAS devices out 
> there run Linux and have USB support. Check out http://www.openwrt.org/
> I haven't tested this setup yet (building the MAX232 circuit to 
> interface to the router's TTL serial port) but I don't anticipate any 
> major roadblocks so far.
> 73
> Gavin.

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