[OZAPRS] APRS reception in Geelong

John SILVER jsilver at ncable.net.au
Fri Dec 11 03:42:09 EST 2009

I have had UI-View 32 running as a home station in Geelong (VK3LJS) as 
well as my mobile car setup (VK3LJS-9) for most of this week.

I am receiving an consistent burst of data which although similar to 
pager interference has in the background APRS tones.
VK3XNH also reports reception of these rogue transmissions in the 
Werribee area.

It is possible that some digi s using a transceiver which requires 

 The maximum number of APRS stations that I can see on UI_View amounts 
to 8 or 9 when previously the number was upwards and in excess of 69.  
My unproto address is APRS,WIDE2-2. and it appears that the most 
prevalent comms is through VK3RMD-1.  


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