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>Hi All can I ask a question why would we want to use 6M for APRS? If 
>one reads Bob's WB4APR's web page APRS is about a "single channel" 
>for all amateur radio information. I can see we need HF where there 
>is no VHF coverage but for 6M I can't see what more it has to offer 
>apart from just occupying more of the spectrum
>Regards Rob Thirkettle ZL3RX
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>University of Canterbury
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Personally, I think we as Amateurs should occupy every bit of any 
allocated band space that we can!  IF we don't occupy it, the various 
regulatory people will simply say that we are not using it so.....we 
end up loosing it.
I sure would be interested in 6m APRS, but I would try a goofy idea I 
have, to use SSB @ 300 baud.. ;-)

73  Jack  VK4JRC
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