[OZAPRS] Vertex New FTM 350 Aprs rig

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Sun Aug 23 20:56:23 EST 2009

Kenwood TMD700 mic only plugs into tranciever, My other radio Yaesu FT857D is 
the same ? Also not sure what " modern " cars you speak of DG but the VE 
commodore has enough room for a party under the front seats :)  Also my 2004 
Prado has room for a couple of radios under each seat, neither of these 
vehicles are slightly concerned by high power radios in the cabin space.
Cheers Tim

Quoting Damien Gardner Jnr <rendrag at rendrag.net>:

> On 23/08/2009, at 7:15 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> > On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 07:07:52PM +1000, Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:
> >> [...] or does it look like the mic is connected into the
> >> base rather than the head? What's the point of a remote-head
> >> transceiver if the mic plugs into the base unit?
> >
> > Seems normal to me.  IC-208H does the same, see attached snapshot of
> > page 1 of the instruction manual.
> >
> > For mobile use, the base unit would be placed near the microphone hook
> > position, and the head would be placed in the human visual field.
> >
> > Extending the microphone cable would be the next thing to do.
> Weirdness.. Maybe they're not expecting folks to be putting them in
> cars with BCM's and ECU's..  I know my commodore doesn't like it when
> you hit transmit if the transceiver is inside the cab..  Hell, the BCM
> drops the tacho and cruise control whenever HF transmits, if the swr
> isn't slightly perfect  (so any time it happens to transmit and you've
> got a car beside you or too close in front!
> Wonder how a 4m long mic extension would go?!  Only remote head gear I
> have (FT8100, and a GME TX3400), the mics plugged into the head units
> - just seems strange not to have the mic plug into the head unit!
> It's not like any cars built in the last 20 years have room up front
> for a transceiver!
> Cheers,
> DG
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