[OZAPRS] Philips FM828 crystals

Peter Mudie peter at mudiefamily.org
Sat Aug 15 21:40:31 EST 2009

At 08:02 PM 15/08/2009, Ray Wells wrote:
>Gavin Rogers wrote:
>>Hi Folks.
>>Anyone know a good supplier for FM828 crystals? I have a few A 
>>banders here that I want to press into APRS service :)
>>I've used Hy-Q in the past and they have good service, but I'm 
>>wondering if I can do better than $40 for each rock.
>Of course you can do better than $40 each. It just depends on how 
>much rubber you want in the crystal.
>I've used Hy-Q for 35 years and I've occasionally regretted trying 
>elsewhere. You get what you pay for, speaking professionally.

Hi Ray, and all,

I use HY-Q for ham and professional work.  They bend over backwards 
for us on both sides.  Gen, and Darren down there in VIC have been 
superb over the years.

They are worth the cost, I have had a 1 crystals go wrong on 
commercial job ( they stuffed up the calc)  and ended up 100kHz off 
frequency on the  RF channel.   It was a single special cut on an 
order of 2 special cuts and they replaced it as quick as they could, 
given that there is a certain about of aging they do on the 
production line. The replacements where at their cost.  What better 
can you ask for?  There was no argument, i pointed out the error, 
they were like bugger  we will fix it!!  That saga happened around 
Christmas time too with the usual close downs etc, and they ran the 
line and kept staff back over the holiday period to make this 1 
crystal happen!  That is service!!

I have probably ordered over 5000 crystals off them between ham stuff 
and work stuff.

I have like Ray tried others, and always ended up back at HY-Q!

$40 seems a bit steep or is that including shipping?

Last time i did FMxxx, they were for an FM880 for highband, and they 
cost me about $30 each / crystal + shipping via express post 
satchel.  When I have ordered they have always liked a MOQ of 2 
special cuts, of different frequencies which is what you need for a 
typical radio any how.

Peter VK2XZP

>Ray vk2tv
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