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Thanks, I dont see any real problems with your observations. Just the kind 
of thing I was looking for.


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> From: Ray Wells <vk2tv at exemail.com.au>
> Subject: Re: [OZAPRS] APRS Advice
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> Hi Michael,
> Some observation, questions and recommendations not meant to offend or
> incite.
> With 30m quite well served already, have you considered the fledgling
> 40m aprs network as an alternative?
> Forget about RELAY, it's long gone, as is WIDE.
> For VHF a path of WIDE1-1 WIDE2-1 is considered close to normal these 
> days.
> For HF, GATE, or if you're gating HF to VHF you might consider GATE 
> WIDE2-1
> P3? I run a P3 for the bbs and aprs node, with 6 radio ports plus
> internet links. But that is under Linux :-)
> Ray vk2tv
> Michael wrote:
>> I am preparing a new iGate for APRS which is to begin on VHF and 
>> eventually HF (30 Meters). Being very new to packet ops I really don't 
>> have a clue.
>> iGate PC will be P3 with the cobwebs blown out and running XP Pro, 
>> probably running UIView
>> TNC? and Syntrex for 2 meters as Relay and Gate
>> MFJ1278 for HF connected to an IC726 as Relay and possible Gate
>> What would you consider to be your biggest issue when starting up?
>> What pitfalls are there to avoid?
>> My goal is to first provide a service to APRS users and secondly utilize 
>> the VHF APRS to spot tropo for some SSB work.
>> Your 2 cents worth will be appreciated.
>> Regards
>> Michael VK5MW

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