[OZAPRS] KPC3 using HF 300 baud

Michael Wain vk3hau at bigpond.net.au
Sat Apr 4 11:17:11 EST 2009

Hello Rob,

hmm, looks like I'll have to go down the software/soundcard path then, have 
used mixW before, just need to work out the Igate from it whether internal 
or external ( ported to ui-view witch is all ready Igating the KPC3 )

Thanks , Michael Wain. VK3HAU

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> Hi Michael although this TNC will do 300 Baud packet. It would not be
> compatible with the rest of us as you see below from Wikipedia is the bell
> specifications. What matters with HF packet that the rest of us are using 
> is
> that the mark and space tones need to be 200 Hz apart and what you have is 
> a
> 1000Hz difference. This is a VHF TNC sorry to disappoint you on your find.
> Regards Rob ZL3RX

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