[OZAPRS] Gating HF

Robert Thirkettle rob.thirkettle at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Apr 2 10:11:11 EST 2009

Hi All I need some guidance with sorting out my HF gateway at present I
take HF data to VHF just using a TNC it all works but there is no
tractability through the system as my TNC does not insert its callsign
plus I am going to switch to a SCS TNC when it arrives at the end of
next week. This TNC is only a single port so I will need to gate in
software. As I now have broadband in the shack it's just as easy to take
the HF straight to the net.

How are the others doing their HF gating? I prefer not to reinvent the
wheel so some guidance would be appreciated. 

I need to know 
1 what server to use 
2 What port to connect to
3 what particular program is best

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