[OZAPRS] Re: Australian Sat Gates? (Ron Perry)

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Thu Sep 18 12:12:18 EST 2008

Ron..  Let me know what dates your looking at.. I can put a Gate on here in
Adelaide like I did a couple of years ago on ISS specifically..

Its really not that great.. Ive tried it myself a few years back. The
footprint isnt very big but it would be a good excercise to try again. Ive
got all the gear required etc. See if ISS is active on your proposed dates..
It would probably get you half way to Perth from here.

Tony VK5AH

> Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 20:09:40 +1000
> From: Ron Perry <ronk at ncable.com.au>
> Subject: [OZAPRS] Australian Sat Gates?
> To: Australian APRS Users <ozaprs at aprs.net.au>
> Message-ID: <1221646180.16761.55.camel at localhost>
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> Hi APRSers,
> I'm planning a road trip to WA, no HF, so I'm going to endeavour to use
> some APRS Sats to get some posits out.
> What satellites are being listened to and gated back to the Internet?
> Where are you located?
> And specifically..are there any Satgates listening to GO-32?  (or
> shouldn't I bother??)
> Ron
> vk3ecv

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