Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Wed Oct 15 22:58:00 EST 2008




It's been very quiet on the Victorian APRS seen for the past 6 months as
most of the network is running well with the exception of 2 digipeaters that
have been off air for some time and an Rx only IGate that had a PC issue.


Today we replaced the radio at VK3RMG-1 which was one of the two problem
digipeaters, as the PA in the old VK3RMG radio was kaput. (Technical term)
Support for RELAY has been removed from VK3RMG-1 it now only supports
Widen-n paths.


The other digi currently off air is VK3RON-1 at Ouyen. It is hoped that this
digi will be back on the air soon.


The VK3VHF-1 IGate was causing problems with random corrupt packets for a
while. To fix it the IGate PC was upgraded to newer PC with a little more
grunt as the original one was not able to handle the load. Thanks to Rhett
VK3VHF for his efforts and continued support of APRS.


VK3WRM-1 our recent digi addition to the VK3 network is getting good
coverage reports. Thanks to Ron VK3ECV and the Mildura team for their
efforts in a job well done.








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