[OZAPRS] WXSVR-AU Coastal Forecast Areas now available

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Fri Nov 28 12:49:26 EST 2008

Hi All,


I have just uploaded a new  z_aus28no08 and mz_aus28no08  to WXSVR-AU.


These updated files move the Coastal forecast areas into the z_ file so that
they will now work correctly with Xastir.

I've also been able to 'clean up' the coastline so that the land areas do
not extend out to sea, and the coastal areas no longer extend inland.


At this stage the mz_ file is not used by any of our products, as we cannot
duplicate the state codes required for Xastir to work with this file - these
are used for Hurricane warnings in the US, and if we duplicate them we'll be
sending bogus data into their network.


Please update your shapefiles to the latest versions and let me know if
there are any issues.



Geoff  VK2XJG

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