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Hi Tony,

NEP is indeed Northeast Pastoral, and it is listed.....  

There are no LGA's as such that fall into the NEP forecast area, so there
isn't anything listed on the LGA page.

I have seen the ADL area trigger whilst I was testing - it's really only
SEVERE Wx events that the various BoM field offices publish.

If there is a WARNING current, then there should be a corresponding message
from WXSVR-AU.  There are some types of warning and some areas that have not
yet been mapped - for example 

- Severe Weather and Severe Thunderstorms will work nationally
- Coastal Warnings only work in NSW/VIC/TAS at the moment, but the syntax
from BoM is so varied it's hard to make it work reliably
- Flood Warnings are being worked on

If the various IGates can be set up to handle the messages, if and when they
are sent they'll work :-)


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Just having a play with this WXSVR-AU and trying to Gate stuff to RF from
the Igate. Ive been watching for a few days now and it seems that we are
pretty much insulated in ADL for some reason. Maybee its just the great WX
around here. There have been no objects or messages gated so far. The
closest one is this one so far this morning. This looks like a great idea by
the way.

NEPSTS>APRS:;NEP_STS  *270220z2742.42S13831.86ETSevere Tstorm {QNGAA

Interestingly on the web site for the WXSVR-AU  ,CWA there is no NEP listed.
This appears to be North East Pastoral.  I dont think it was issued by BOM
Adelaide either.
This one might be worth listing on the web site anyway as Ive seen a few up
there in the last few days.

I really am starting to wonder if BOM Adelaide are across this feed as Ive
seen plenty of activity from other areas on the Internet feed.
Ive reconfigured the Igate and also my D700 as per the instructions and I am
just waiting for anything/something.

Any thoughts?

Tony Hunt VK5AH

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