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Tue Nov 25 11:28:38 EST 2008

> Group,
> 	Have passed my exams and am awaiting a callsign from ACMA, so am about to
> embark on my APRS journey ;-)

Congrats!  ;)

> 	I am going on a 4WD trip to the "red centre" mid 2009 and will have my
> vehicle APRS equipped.
> 	Given the isolation of where we are going, it has been suggested that HF
> would be the solution however I would also like to operate VHF for when I
> am
> in range of any repeaters.
> 	Setup will be two radios, with two trackers being fed by one GPS.
> 	Now to my questions to the group, along with "what I reckon".
> 	Can I operate APRS on both VHF and HF at the same time?? I assume I can,
> which raises another question about SSIDs.
> 	I assume I use the same SSID in both trackers, otherwise the network will
> see
> two different units at the same location (not what I intend).
> 	Assuming I have all that right, how does the "network" determine which
> report
> to use?? As VHF will be banging away more often than HF, position updates
> would be arriving more often. Can I "preference" which update gets plotted
> or
> is it fixed to a timestamp??
> 	The last thing I want to do is upset the network.
> 	Regards,
> Ian
> (soon to be) VK1IB (I hope)

I use VK5KFB-9 for VHF and VK5KFB-15 for HF, this answers the rest of your
questions I think, and yes, you can see a plot of both.

73 de Rod, VK5KFB.

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