[OZAPRS] Message Traffic and WX Alerts in Xastir

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Nov 25 15:40:43 EST 2008

Hi All,

All seems to have gone quiet on the xastir warning problem. I've done 
more reading of the same documents but apart from a slightly better 
understanding of how it all fits together I'm no further advanced.

I did find a useful tool that is mentioned in readme.maps that splits a 
shp map and it's accompanying dbf, etc into many parts. Xastir is able 
to read the individual parts. The file now loads much more quickly on my 
P700 because only the bits you need are loaded and not the entire 52MB 
file. I only split into the default 2 x 2 which created 5 parts, 
c_aus20no08-0.shp to c_aus20no08-4.shp.

The file is shp2tile and the Linux source is available from 

A pre-compiled Windows version is also available.

When the .c is told the location of shapefil.h it compiled in seconds. 
My only "gripe" is that the executable is named bin, rather than 
shp2tile, but that's fixable.

Ray vk2tv
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