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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sat Nov 22 09:25:52 EST 2008

Could this be the road to the money?

Each *.shp file needs a corresponding *.dbfawk file that can be stored 
with the shapefile files or it can be in /usr/local/share.xastir/config. 
Lots of examples in the latter.

An extract from README.MAPS ......

 Using "dbfawk" to interpret shapefile DBF data:  Each shapefile
      map (*.shp, *.shx) comes with a DBase data file (*.dbf) in which
      each shape in the .shp file has a corresponding set of descriptive
      data about that shape in the .dbf file.  While shapefiles are all
      a standard format and will most always draw (possibly after having
      been re-projected with shpproj), the corresponding .dbf data varies
      widely depending on the data source.  For example, US Census
      Tiger/Line files contain 20 attributes for each shape including such
      values as the name of the shape (i.e. street name), and a "Census
      Feature Class Code" (CFCC) which indicates whether a shape is a
      dirt road or a superhighway, for example.  

      In "pre-dbfawk" Xastir, knowledge of the various sources of
      shape files was built into the program and it was necessary to
      add code to support new shapefile sources (such as those
      produced by local government agencies, non-US, etc.).  Xastir
      with dbfawk moves this logic into metadata files named *.dbfawk.
      These files are linked to the .shp/.dbf files they belong with in
      one of two ways:
        1. "Signature" recognition.  .dbfawk files located in the config/
           directory are read to find the "dbfinfo" signature, which is
           simply the ordered list of attribute names found in the .dbf 
           If you browse config/*.dbfawk you will see dbfawk's for the most
           well know shapefile types.  For example, tgrlk.dbfawk matches
           all the "tgr*lk?.dbf" US Census Tiger/Line files.  When a 
           map is displayed, it's .dbf signature is matched up with one of
           the config/*.dbfawk files.
        2. "Tied" to a file.  If you installed a .dbfawk file in the same
            directory as the .shp and .dbf files (e.g. sample.shp, 
            get a corresponding sample.dbfawk) then that file is used 
            of signature matching.
      The first method allows a single .dbfawk file to be automatically
      used for hundreds of standard shapefile maps.  The later allows you
      to customize how your particular shapefile map displays.

      What's in a .dbfawk file?  The best documentation of these files
      is found by looking at the commented examples in config/*.dbfawk. 
      dbfawk is modeled after the "awk" pattern scanning and processing
      language -- but, it is *not* exactly awk:
        - Regular expression syntax is that used by Perl (the pcre library
          is used) rather than pure awk.
        - Action statements are much more limited than full-blown awk.
        - The concept of records and fields is used since a .dbf record
          is structured of usually several fields (name, feature type, 

The text goes on to describe dbfawk files in great detail. Do we have a 
volunteer to look into this? I simply don't have the time at the moment.

Ray vk2tv

David wrote:
> Hi...to check if i was on the right track i exited Xastir....deleted 
> the wx_alert.log and re started Xastir......when the WX alerts came in 
> some went into the WX Alert window and the rest into the Message 
> Traffic window....the ones from the WX Alert window are showing up as 
> Alert areas in color on the Map...the ones in the Message traffic 
> screen are only showing as icons
> 73 David
> David wrote:
>> Hi Geoff....i notice that im getting a large number of of Weather 
>> Alert messages in the  View>Message Traffic list wih the txt of the 
>> WX Warning from BOM......these are not showing in the WX Alert list 
>> and only show up as an icon....
>> not being in the WX Alert list they would not come up as a coloured 
>> area ...there is a Thunderstorm warning for the Wide Bay Burnett area 
>> WWB ....in UI-View it is showing Red...in Xastir because it is not in 
>> WX Alerts it is only showing as an icon....
>> any idea how we can correct this problem
>> 73 David VK4BDJ
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