[OZAPRS] Re: New APRS Weather Warning service for Australia

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Fri Nov 21 17:34:01 EST 2008

I think I was going in ever decreasing circles, with adjustments 
seemingly affecting other adjustments.

I've ended up with all the shapefile data in the Counties directory. 
This is pretty much in line with the documentation, as best as I can 
determine because there is constant reference to Tigermaps and little if 
any reference to the rest of the world. Or maybe my mind is clogged with 

Moving on to fill parameters. If auto-fill is selected in Map 
Properties, and shapefiles have the highest level priority (which you 
need for boundaries to show), the entire map is filled with grey and 
this hides any underlying topographic map information.

If the "Enable Map Levels" box, in the window that drops down when you 
select "Maps" is checked, the shire boundaries are shown but no other 
shire information is displayed. If, however, you uncheck "Enable Map 
Levels", the shire names appear in white writing. I'm now waiting on a 
storm event to see if the latter configuration will enable storm area fills.

Having determined all of that I have no idea what it means!!

I'm going back to something simple - installing and compiling a new 
kernel on another machine.

Ray vk2tv

Ray Wells wrote:
> After consultation with readme_maps I've concluded that the shp files 
> can belong in /.../maps or any subdirectory of your liking. I've left 
> them in /.../maps which is the same location as world.shp that ships 
> with xastir. The prj, shx and dbf files are in /.../maps/Counties. I 
> haven't broken anything with this course of action.
> What I do find encouraging is that on the displayed map (most of 
> northern NSW (zoom of 4000) I see the Darling River in light blue. The 
> shire boundaries remain black. I've turned auto-fill off so that the 
> shire boundaries appear on top of the underlying topo map. I may have 
> to revise that thinking.
> Ray vk2tv
> Scott Evans wrote:
>> Update on Xastir and shape files!
>> Hmm... me thinks I was missing something! what I have running (or now 
>> I realise not running!) to have the shape file placed in the 
>> /usr/local/share/xastir/maps results in the shape files being loaded 
>> but no change in their colour when a warning goes out to air!
>> As Ray explained if you have the shape files in your maps directory 
>> you get a pretty grey map with the counties/municipalities outlined 
>> in black, this was the comment I meant when I said I had pretty maps! 
>> after copying the file into the countries directory then I don't have 
>> any pretty colours either... :( So I then decided to install them 
>> onto my note book this has Ui-View32 installed and got it all set up 
>> nicely! now I see what I should be seeing in Xastir! but sorry to 
>> report that they don' t display as they do in Ui-View... still fidlin'
>> I'll report back if I make any further progress...
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