[OZAPRS] WXSVR-AU - first changes

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Thu Nov 20 10:13:12 EST 2008

Hi all,


Things with the weather seem to have abated since last night, the number of
warnings has dropped nicely...

I will be making a couple of changes to the server today after last night's


- The Queensland South East Coast forecast area will be changed from SEC to
SEQ, as SEC conflicts with a special national code used in the USA

(They got all the Thunderstorm warnings for Brisbane gated to RF nationally)


This will involve an update to the shapefiles.  There will probably be
several updates to come, as we are still populating lat/lon centre posits
for use in objects - there are a LOT of entries to update, and I'm only
doing a few at a time :-)   so check back regularly for the latest shapes.


I have also created a new mailing list specifically for WXSVR-AU
discussions, since I have a feeling there will be a lot of feedback on this

If you are interested in the on-going development and support of this
service, please feel free to subscribe.











From: Geoff [mailto:geoff at gatwards.org] 
Sent: Wednesday, 19 November 2008 10:02 PM
To: 'Australian APRS Users'
Subject: RE: New APRS Weather Warning service for Australia


With the number of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings current at the time of
writing for much of NSW and QLD, I have decided to swing the WXSVR-AU feeds
over to APRS-IS now.


I have also uploaded the current shapefiles.


There are still some glitches with the system that I'm trying to iron out,
but I'm hoping that letting it loose to the network will allow more of the
issues to be identified and corrected sooner than if it were just my eyes
looking for the problems :-)


I am gating SYD* and CTL* to RF in the Sydney area (via VK2RSW-1, VK2US-1).
Igates in other areas would need to be configured to allow appropriate data
to RF..

For example in NSW:








Etc etc. . . 



Geoff  VK2XJG



From: Geoff [mailto:geoff at gatwards.org] 
Sent: Monday, 17 November 2008 8:34 PM
To: 'Australian APRS Users'
Subject: New APRS Weather Warning service for Australia




As some of you may be aware, we have been working on a project in the
background to establish an APRS Weather Server to disseminate warning
information via APRS, in a similar method and format to the NWS messages in
the USA.


After several months of on again, off again scripting, testing and
frustration, we finally have something that is ALMOST ready to be let loose
on our national APRS network.  The system is known as WXSVR-AU and will
generate area messages, objects and plain text messages that will be
targeted at areas affected by current warnings from the Bureau of


Full details of the project are online at  http://wxsvr.aprs.net.au

There are still some sections of the site that are as yet incomplete, but
the information that is there should provide a teaser of what is coming your
way, and how to prepare to handle the data.  We would appreciate it if IGate
operators could configure their systems to gate the relevant area messages
to RF to maximize the benefits of this system.


The data stream is not yet publically available - however I'm hoping by end
of November the last few bugs with the protocol implementation will be
resolved, and at this stage the WXSVR-AU stream will be allowed into the
wider APRS-IS.

When it is, it will be available via the standard APRS-IS streams.


Since the protocol used is identical to that used in the USA, the standard
NWS clients for UI-View and other applications can be used to display this



Hopefully get the shapefiles uploaded this week and swing the data stream
over to the live network soon after.


Any comments, questions etc welcome.


Geoff  VK2XJG

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