[OZAPRS] Re: New APRS Weather Warning service for Australia

Shaun Pitcher spitcher at energy.com.au
Sat Nov 22 06:28:37 EST 2008

Hi Warren,

Just my Friday Funny I suppose.  Glad you enjoyed it.

On another note, how do these alerts get to a mobile user. If you had a 
laptop in the car all could be resolved on the screen, however are there 
newer radios that will convert the message to text and sound an alarm it 
the alert is for the area in which they are operating?

Shaun Pitcher   

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Re: [OZAPRS] Re: New APRS Weather Warning service for Australia

Hi Shaun,

That was well spotted.
But vk2rby-1 already ready has Sheep Alert (AKA Site Alert) installed.
Which how we saw the mains had failed at the digi site.


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> Wow, is the Sheep warning to stop those pesky sheep eating the power 
> on the digi?
> ;-)
> Regards,
> Shaun Pitcher
> Hi All....what i mentioned yesterday was that the icon and shapefile
> color was showing on UI-View....i know because VK4ZZ has a website
> running a UI-View Web Server and the  thunderstorm warnings for Mid and
> SEQ was showing both the icons and the Red shaded County areas.....on my
> Xastir i was getting the icons but the County areas were not showing up
> as a Red warning......i have had the Yellow Flood warnings for around
> Brisbane showing up....i have checked all the config areas in the Menus
> but havent seen any reason why they are not showing....the  WX Alerts
> list shows the Flood warnins which i have mentioned....there are also
> WIND and Sheep warning for which im not getting icons
> ive just had a better look and ive got some Alert areas in Victoria ..a
> blue color
> 73 David VK4BDJ

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