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If it ever stops raining for more than 12 hours I'll get vk2rmc installed!

Have you considered discussing our requirements with the Bureau of 
Meteorology to see what facilities they might have already that could be 
adapted to our needs?

Ray vk2tv

>That is true, but none of the WX station OBSERVATIONS are useful when it
>comes to distributing ADVISORY, WARNING and ALERT messages from the
>The NWS functionality is much more than simply current observations.  The
>NWS will issue for example a Flood Warning for a region, and this warning
>transmitted via an NWS format APRS beacon.  The NWS application on the
>client then changes sections of the map to a specific colour to indicate
>areas affected by the warning, and a single object defining the warning
>The dimensions of each warning region are specified in the shapefiles
>by the NWS. Each 'zone' has an ID, so for example they say the warning
>affects  Florida zones 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 and 8.  The NSW APRS beacon contains
>the relevant encoding to change the colour of areas FL1>3, FL6>8 as
>There are a few screen captures of this in action here:
>What we want to do is to 'port' this functionality to make it work in
>Geoff  VK2XJG
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>there is also the data from CWOP which includes non APRS stations as well
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