[OZAPRS] Possible NWS type service for Australia

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Tue Feb 19 16:07:37 EST 2008

We're toying with the idea of attempting to implement an NWS-style weather
alerting system using APRS in Australia.


If you haven't seen the NWS alerts working, download the NWS shapefiles
enable the NWS functionality in your client (UI-NWS for UI-View), and
connect to the APRS-IS with a "filter t/n".     It's very impressive to
sections of the map change colour with various warnings, alerts and
advisories :-)


To implement this sort of thing down under is going to be a BIG project,
requiring quite a few things to come together.

I guess the easiest way would be to try to re-use the existing NWS
applications for APRS, but for this to work we need to find or create a
of shapefiles for the BoM Forecast areas nationally (or subsets of them),
and also establish a data stream to convert BoM data into an NWS


Before we get too far into this, has anyone had any experience CREATING
shapefiles ??    

I've been trawling the net and haven't really come up with anything that
doesn't require subscriptions/registrations that would fulfill what we

I'm looking to create a shapefile set to replace the 'generic' NWS
shapefiles that will cover Australia and still work in APRS Apps (UI-View

I have grabbed some of the free shapefile sets from the Geoscience
site, but they refuse to be read by the NWS applications as they are
required spatial data.


Ultimately we'd like to get BoM involved to provide a fixed-format data
stream - but before we think about approaching them we'd like to run some
local tests to see if the concept is feasible.



Geoff   VK2XJG

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