[OZAPRS] Some news from Vk4

Peter Schrader peters at edmi.com.au
Mon Feb 18 23:26:36 EST 2008

Hi all,
Time for another quick report from Queensland.

Things are starting to move for coverage around the Townsville region, a
couple of digipeaters are in the planning stage, more details to follow

In the central region, the weather has been somewhat inclement,
preventing the fellas from getting up to the sites to change EPROMs.  I
hope all is well in that part of world, a helluva lot of rain has fallen
up there.

In the southeast, all but two of the digi's are now UIDigi 1.9b.
Presently the digis are still accepting RELAY,WIDE style paths, as it
was noted there are a few mobiles and home stations using these now
deprecated path settings.  So rather than causing any problems right
now, the digi's accept both the old school RELAY,WIDE and newer WIDEn-N
paths.  I stress again that if people want to help minimise unnecessary
traffic on the 2 metre APRS frequency in SEQ, then changing your path to
WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 for mobiles, and WIDE2-2 for fixed stations, will go a
long to help make this a reality.  Your cooperation in this matter is
much appreciated.

The two remaining digis are difficult to access, one being a commercial
site, the other at a University (I seem to have lost contact with the
owner, if they are reading please this please email off list).

I am trailing a fill in digi at my home QTH, as I was finding there was
a bit of a coverage hole travelling North on the Gateway Arterial until
VK4OG-1 could hear my mobile direct, I'd love to know if anybody has
noticed any improvement or degradation since about 8 days ago.  On a
lighter note, I am now a proud HamHUD user, awesome bit of gear if you
are for an alternative to the DM700/710 radios.

Coming soon for the Brisbane North is a 70cm IGate at my home QTH, not
the most ideal location for a UHF IGate I realise, but beggars can't be
choosers.  I am blatantly copying the Melbourne setup with the first
service to be the DXCluster bridge.  I plan to have this operational by
mid-March so my club can utilise the DXCluster for the upcoming John
Moyle Contest.  

That's it for now,

Peter Schrader,
Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club
Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society

APRS - VK4TGV-7, VK4TGV-1 and 9V1PS
ALE HFN Pilot Station - http://hflink.com

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