Richard rhoskin at bigpond.com
Thu Feb 14 10:01:53 EST 2008

Gday Darryl,

Thanks for your support and assistance with APRS over the years.

WOW Time has really gone by fast. In that time we have archived a lot 
with APRS.

I remember experimenting with the first VK digipeater then stumbling 
across VK2TDS on the net one day while searching for APRS information.

I also would like to thank the people who work hard behind the scene, 
who devote time and funds to the ongoing support of the fantastic 
National APRS system we now have. Without these people the system would 
not exist.


Darryl Smith wrote:
> Guys
> Just to let you know, APRS.NET.AU has been re-registered for another two
> years. Radioactive Networks (My Business) has paid for the registration
> again. Right now we should also thank all those who help with
> those hosing site and the mailing list, and those who add comments, and
> those who write messages.
> A bit of history. This mailing list was set up on May 7, 1998. That
means we
> as a community have been here for about 10 years. I neglected to grab a
> of the archives from the Macquarie Uni mailing list before it shut down.
> Would have been interesting to see. The first mailing list item I can
> is talking about AO-16 on 16/6. 
> Darryl
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