[OZAPRS] Xastir query & Garmin Quest query.

M & M Neno nenos at eol.co.nz
Sat Feb 9 20:03:09 EST 2008

Hi to the group,
Can anyone tell me, after make install when setting up xastir we can
enable root privilege by then including
the chmod command. The question is which one.
In Readme , getting started, it's  chmod 4755, & in the Install file it's
, chmod 4555  ???  On linux Fedora 5.
I never did get access to a com port without logging in as root, but
strangely there is no such restriction
to access the internet, the 1 place I would have thought security to be

My second question is does anyone know how to get nmea out of a Garmin
Quest ?
I pulled it appart to look inside & the 2 unused terminals on the back
are wired to the pcb
so it may only be neccesary to command it on by some means.

Cheers, Murray, ZL1ARL.
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