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Similar story here Ray,

I had, I think it was 52.525, in the car for years.  I fired the unit up 
again about 4 years ago and left it on for almost two months and heard 
nothing.  Put it back in the draw.  I would like to play with an all mode 
some time in the future, however it is just a dream at the moment.  I used

either a 1/4 wave ant or a centre loaded home brew antenna which was 
shortened just enough to clear the roller shutter on the garage.  Both 
made from a DSE CB antenna stripped back and then coax braid slipped over 
it then heatshrinked.

Shaun Pitcher   

Ray Wells <vk2tv at exemail.com.au> 
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I had 6m FM (52.525, and later repeaters as well) in the mobile for 20 
years and the car was used every day of the week. I wouldn't have 
notched up 50 contacts in 20 years. There was a hive of activity in the 
early days of 6m FM (around 1970?) but it dropped off fairly quickly. I 
ran the Sydney 6m AM net frequency of 53.866 mobile for a number of 
years prior to that net dying - not long after 6m FM became popular.

I used a 2m 5/8 whip with a diplexer to handle both bands on the same 
antenna - it worked as a slightly base-loaded 1/4 wave at 6m. 6m usually 
had more "legs" than 2m but it was knocked on the head more quickly by 
man made noise.

Essentially it will cost me nothing to install a 6m APRS frequency but 
I'd like it to hear something occasionally :-)

Ray vk2tv

Dion Bramich wrote:

> Id use it over 2m anyday mobile.
> On Tue, 05 Feb 2008 09:50:05 +1100, Richard Hoskin <vk3jfk at amsat.org> 
> wrote:
>> Gday,
>> 53.100Mhz is in use in VK3 as a packet frequency. I know of at least 2
>> packet digipeaters here in VK3 that get some use.
>> If you want a six meter allocated frequency for APRS I can take it to 
>> the
>> WIA NTAC/FTAC.... I've just been cajoled onto being a member of the 
>> National
>> Technical Advisory Committee for APRS and D-Star.
>> You will need to think about how much use 6mtr APRS will get first.
>> Cheers
>> Richard
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>>> In the outdated WIA list for packet radio 53.100 gets a mention for 
>>> packet
>>> use maybe that could be a starting point!
>>> I was thinking of something similar here however no locals showed any
>>> signs
>>> of interest so I didn't go any further with it!
>>> 73 de VK7HSE Scott Evans
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