Terry Neumann tfneumann at internode.on.net
Tue Feb 5 10:04:52 EST 2008

Richard Hoskin wrote:

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>You will need to think about how much use 6mtr APRS will get first.
Given the uncertain  propagation on 6 metres beyond the horizon 
(admittedly one of its attractions for phone and CW)  I doubt whether it 
would be worth the effort  for APRS where some certainty of coverage is 
probably the prime requirement.

It would probably more reliable to go to 10 metres - and that's a bold 
speak given the variable propagation in this point in the cycle, and 
that when it does some good the pirate operators to the north east of us 
with whom we share the allocation these days will probably ensure that 
the DCD led is on all of the time anyway.

I doubt that I would use either. 

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