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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sun Aug 31 14:41:15 EST 2008

Hi Brian,

Here's an optimistic alternative point of view.

Brian Beamish wrote:

>Hi Peter
>My personal thoughts
>Whilst operating on HF APRS 95% of the time I have never had the inclination
>to send or receive messages I really have my doubts that HF really is
>suitable for APRS Message type traffic which if I am right does not have any
>error correction facility built in.
Given that most of the traffic for most of the time on 30m aprs is 
Igates beaconing, it might be nice to see some "real" traffic once in a 

>I ran a 1200 baud PSK HF BBS for years this worked very well indeed due to
>the built in error correction but sending messages via 300 baud APRS without
>the correction may possibly be a waste of time and even with some error
>correction added would I feel just tie up band width and Igates with other
>APRS users being unable to use it whilst messages are being sent.
I run both 20m and 40m 0k3 packet for the BBS and I used to run 30m 0k3. 
When the band is dead, it's dead, and when the band is noisy, it's as 
good as dead. However, 30m is far less affected by noise than 40m and 
given the right path its performance is outstanding. I used to forward 
22 hours a day to a vk3, and then close to that to a vk5. The spread of 
Igates around the country provides a good path to somewhere most of the 

I think we shouldn't write off the possibility of 30m aprs providing 
something useful in addition to what it currently provides. If it fails, 
so be it, but at least try. And given the vageries of propagation it's 
entirely feasible for two stations to be accessing different Igates 
simultaneously without interfering with each other. The arguement about 
tying up bandwidth with messages could equally apply to messages on VHF 
in a busy (aprs-wise) city environment.

Ray vk2tv

>73 Brian VK4BBS
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