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Peter Schrader vk4tgv at rumpleteazer.net
Sun Aug 31 07:48:44 EST 2008

Hi all,
Firstly forgive me if this has been done to death in the past.

It occurred to me that while operating HF APRS portable, that 
bi-directional messaging via HF might be very useful in an Emcom 
situation.  So I tried sending messages, works fine, but how does a 
portable station get a message to my portable station if they are using 
145.175?  I am presuming that the HF IGates will not pass messages from 
VHF to HF (specifically targeted to HF stations only), I presuming this 
as I tried it a few times.

So, my proposal is, say a TH-D7A (or similarly equipped radio/setup) 
user sees a message from VK4TGV-15, replies to it via their local VHF 
IGate, the IGate passes it to the APRS-IS, then the HF Gate that last 
heard and gated the VK4TGV-15 message sends the message out via HF.

Does that sound unreasonable?

Cheers and 73,
Peter Schrader

Redcliffe and Districts Radio Club
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