[OZAPRS] RE: New wheels - dare I use anything that transmits?

Ian Mills imills at awa.com.au
Tue Aug 26 16:53:49 EST 2008

I have a TM-D700 permanently wired into my Falcon XR6 - 
When it beacons the Car radio/ Air Conditioning display goes berserk and extra segments light up or go off ..


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>Many thanks in advance for any opinions/advice/horror stories or even good news .....
> Hi Terry, this makes me laugh as my XYL's car is a Subaru WRX ... I setup my THD-7 in it once and only once :-) ...  every time it beaconed the engine would cut-out ... It has a fancy anti-hijacking >>satellite tracker and the 2m RF  must be causing problems ... Very embarrassing and gained the scorn of the wife ...
>Ian vk2him
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