[OZAPRS] RE: New wheels - dare I use anything that transmits?

Shaun Pitcher spitcher at energy.com.au
Wed Aug 27 06:40:54 EST 2008

We have a depot under the TV tower at Chatswood Sydney NSW.  Corner of 
Pacific Hwy and Mowbray Rd.  I have had a number of work cars at that 
depot.  Camry was fine, Commodore (2 models ago) would not lock the doors 
unless the blipper was placed on the windscreen and we had a few 
commodores that 'failed to proceed'  that we put down to the high RF 
mucking up the computers.  Falcons, two of them, appear fine like the 

Correct installation probably plays a big part especially Earthing.  I 
checked my Antenna with a micro-ohm meter I was able to borrow to ensure I 
had a good ground to the body.  I used self tappers to secure the Z 
bracket to the lip of the bonnet, so they cut into the metal.

Shaun Pitcher   


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Re: [OZAPRS] RE: New wheels - dare I use anything that transmits?

Very odd,

I drove my old VN Calais over 300K km, full of VHF gear, without a 
single problem. I would suggest that any car that has a problem has a 
problem, so to speak. What about the implications of driving past, eg, 
an FM broadcast station, an MF or HF station popping out 100kw or so?

My understanding is that motor vehicle electronics are designed to be 
pretty much bullet proof. There are liability issues here!!!!

from his brand new Ubuntu 8.04 installation

Damien Gardner Jnr wrote:
> I used to have that problem in my (VR) commodore - had to go remote 
> heads and move everything to the boot, as otherwise she'd cause probs 
> for the BCM, and shut down the engine.. Of course, hitting transmit on 
> 2m at 50W while passing pretty much any VN-VS commodore on the highway 
> will cause their engine to die until you're a car length or so past 
> them..
> The Fiance's Astra (05 model) has no problems with my D7 sitting on 
> the dash.. Haven't actually tested anything in my VT wagon yet.. (Of 
> course, the old diesel hilux didn't care about it ;) )
> Cheers,
> DG
> Damien Gardner Jnr
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> On 26/08/2008, at 12:11 PM, Ian Mills wrote:
>>> Many thanks in advance for any opinions/advice/horror stories or 
>>> even good news .....
>>> 73
>>> Terry
>>> VK5ATN
>> Hi Terry, this makes me laugh as my XYL's car is a Subaru WRX ... I 
>> setup my THD-7 in it once and only once :-)
>> ... every time it beaconed the engine would cut-out ... It has a 
>> fancy anti-hijacking satellite tracker and the 2m RF
>> must be causing problems ... Very embarrassing and gained the scorn 
>> of the wife ...
>> Cheers
>> Ian vk2him
>> AWA Limited
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