[OZAPRS] New wheels - dare I use anything that transmits?

Gordon Taylor gordon.t at internode.on.net
Tue Aug 26 21:26:23 EST 2008

	I have my HF/6 voice rig bolted on top of the Auto transmission
computer under the front seat in my Land Rover Discovery.

I also run HF and VHF APRS as well as a 2/70 voice rig (50w).  That's 4
radios and antennae.

No probs at all, with airbags and all the other electronic gizmos.

I was concerned with 100W sitting on top of the Auto Trans computer, but its

I did put my HF and VHF/UHF rigs into the Disco when the it was only a few
months old and then had nearly 3 years under warranty to see if anything
failed.  5 1/2 years on its still fine.  I do have a separate battery to
power the lot and use toroids on the HF coax cables at the rigs. There is
however quite a bit of injector noise from the diesel motor, so maybe it's

P.S a plug for the Lancer, my wife has a brand new CVT Lancer VR and sitting
on 100Km/h on a round trip of 200kms to Brisbane and back it returns
6.7l/100km, that's over 40MPG.  We bought the fast model of the Lancers, the
red ones...

Gordo VK4VP

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The good old Magna has gone after 10 years and about 200Kkm, and in it's 
place has come this nice new shiny Misterbishi Lancer VRX.    
Accordingly VK5ATN-9 has been off air since the Magna was traded in some 
3 months ago.

As I contemplate (re)installing some of my toys in the Lancer, I am 
horrified at the possibilities of what might go wrong.  There are 
airbags everywhere, a keyless entry and ignition system, ABS, ASC, trip 
computer and a host of other electronic things which may or may not 
tolerate any AR transmissions.   Forget about HF for the present, I'm 
just speculating about a basic APRS setup on 2 metres with (say) a mag 
base antenna on the roof or bonnet.  (The boot  lid appears to be out of 
the equation because of the angle to which it opens and also the so 
called spoiler)  

Assuming I can get DC into the passenger compartment - and that's by no 
means obvious in it's entry point - does anyone have any information on 
how tolerant all this new stuff is with even say 5 or 10 watts of APRS 
data on 2 metres.   Do I take the chance, or is this the end of APRS for 
me - other than in the ute ?

Any specific info on the current Lancers in this matter would be a great 
help.   Any thoughts on the overall tolerance of any of this stuff in 
modern cars of any make or model in respect of AR transmissions might 
also be very useful in the bigger picture for others also.

Many thanks in advance for any opinions/advice/horror stories or even 
good news .....

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