[OZAPRS] F Calls give them a fair go

Brian Beamish dinkum at optusnet.com.au
Tue Apr 29 10:08:21 EST 2008

Hi Everyone
I guess that I may have been licenced longer than many within this forum 
being one of the first novices, then a Z call before obtaining my full call
in those days we had to answer essay type questions, not the perhaps easier
multi choice ones these days with the start of an industrial hearing problem
getting to 10 words a minute in CW was not easy but I got there, being a
carpenter by trade I had no idea, then, at all about electronics so I really
had to settle down and study hard. If it were not for the Novice licence I
perhaps would never have made it.
I am sure that those obtaining their F Calls now are experiencing much the
same and I am sure that the majority of those new F Calls will go on to
eventually obtain a Full Call give them a fair go encourage them do not
belittle them because of one rogue operator.
When I first got my licence there was a possibility of loosing it, one I
know of did just that, just for swearing on air listen to it now. I and I am
sure each of you know at least one full call operating today who "is not
playing the game" and who perhaps should not really have a licence at all
There are a minority of rogue operators at all levels just do not brand F
Calls as such because of just one operator.
Bring on the F Calls! encourage them as most will not be "Tech Heads" but
with encouragement will be like the majority of us one day get their full
licence without the need of CW many of us had to learn to get ours.
Encourage F Calls get our bands used or loose them.
73 Brian VK4BBS
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