[OZAPRS] F Calls

Tim VK2HLT vk2hlt at netspace.net.au
Tue Apr 29 14:00:42 EST 2008

hmmm, I did think it was a bit harsh, the F call bashing,
No Andrew is not representive of the APRS community.
 I wouldnt be unsubscribing there Chris, APRS is a great part of Amateur 
radio it would be a shame to see a prospective APRS user leave because of 
some random comment.
Im obviously aware of the licence conditions that limit F calls from using 
APRS but it is easily rectified by a bit of study and sitting the exam which 
isnt really that hard, or wasnt when I did mine !
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Just to answer Andrew.... No they dont come in chip packets yet..
I hope all you guys who just HAD to study for your licence dont feel to bad, 
really I don't....
I just wonder how the other F calls feel reading your tripe while trying to 
glean some information from the thread. One person does not represent the 
whole F call community.
I only hope YOU Andrew are not representative of the APRS community.

By the way unsubscribe me.


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