[OZAPRS] F Calls

Kim Stevens kste9702 at bigpond.net.au
Tue Apr 29 00:19:03 EST 2008

Hi Chris,

I support Tim on this, and if you are interested in APRS which you
obviously are, I would support your continued reception of the
information from this forum. 
We have all spent time and effort appropriate to the circumstances in
place at the time for licensing. 
What I don't agree with is taking cheap shots in general as it never
achieves anything but bad feelings.
Just enjoy the hobby we all share, and when your ready have a go at
upgrading, I look forward to a contact on APRS. In the mean time it'll
just have to be a voice contact... echolink may have to do!!

73 Kim 

Kim Stevens VK2ASY
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Just to answer Andrew.... No they dont come in chip packets yet..
I hope all you guys who just HAD to study for your licence dont feel to
bad, really I don't....
I just wonder how the other F calls feel reading your tripe while trying
to glean some information from the thread. One person does not represent
the whole F call community. 
I only hope YOU Andrew are not representative of the APRS community.

By the way unsubscribe me.


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