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Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sun Apr 13 17:18:47 EST 2008

Hi All,

Just a couple of comments re vk2rmc-1 in Kempsey.

Although the digi is now at its final location the antenna is still to 
be raised to final height. This will be done when the site gets rebuilt 
with a new mast. No time frame, just ASAP.

I managed to catch a mobile going through Kempsey over the weekend - 
heading north Friday night and south this afternoon (Sunday).

The digi appeared to have holes where it shouldn't have holes. However, 
I don't know what power the mobile was running and the mobile appeared 
to have a modulation problem. The signal sounded rough and over 
deviated. End result, I'm not putting much faith in what I observed by 
way of coverage.

I've spent the last two days convincing my GPS to talk to an MFJ1270B 
that's been fitted with a Tiny 2 EPROM. It's married up to an FM92 and 
over the next couple of days I'll do my own coverage survey of the digi 
as vk2tv-9. Nothing fancy, not even an icon. Just a TNC beaconing the 
GPS position every minute. Since vk2rmc-1 doesn't talk to any other 
digis, that beacon period shouldn't upset anyone.

I dug out an old BFR96 2m preamp yesterday and it lifts an FM92 from 
0.30uV to 0.08uV so it should make quite a difference to the FM828 at 
vk2rmc-1 (currently 0.25uV). the digi is the only 2m installation for 
miles so the preamp shouldn't be too unhappy on the hill.

Ray vk2tv

Geoff wrote:

>A bit of news from the VK2 network - quite a few changes recently that we
>have been a bit slack in relaying to everyone.....
>VK2INT-5 has taken back control of the Sydney I-Gate from myself after his
>return from holidays.   
>VK2RMC-1 has been installed in it's final location and is now providing full
>service to the Kempsey region.
>VK2AMW-1 has had a callsign change and is now VK2RUW-1
>VK2AMW-2 has had a callsign change and is now VK2RBT-1
>VK2HLT-1 (Leeton) is still under test from Wagga, with a SiteAlert being
>added to the setup before the digipeater is relocated to its home on Square
>Once VK2HLT-1 is online, we will be talking to Ian (Indy) VK2XB out at Hay
>with regards to getting a digi out at his site in Carathool - I believe this
>would be VK2ROO-1 if it goes ahead.
>Talks have also resumed with the Orana ARC and digipeater images have been
>provided for VK2RCD-1 (Dubbo), VK2RCC-1 (Coonabarabran) and VK2RRT-1
>(Condoblin).  These digipeaters might start appearing on air for testing
>over the coming months, as site suitability and desense issues are
>evaluated.  The Dubbo digi may actually become VK2RDD-1 if that proves to be
>a better site for the digi, as RDD is the local 70cm repeater, and there are
>concerns about desense to the RCD 2m voice repeater.  We'll see what the
>guys come up with here :-)
>The 70cm network is still on hold pending a few higher priority issues
>all-round, however it has not been forgotten about.  The I-Gate will be
>operated by VK2INT, with digipeaters in the Sydney region at VK2US-2 and
>VK2RSW-2, and also down in the Illawarra region, potentially at VK2RUW-2.
>Geoff  VK2XJG
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