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Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Sun Apr 13 16:58:47 EST 2008


A bit of news from the VK2 network - quite a few changes recently that we
have been a bit slack in relaying to everyone.....

VK2INT-5 has taken back control of the Sydney I-Gate from myself after his
return from holidays.   

VK2RMC-1 has been installed in it's final location and is now providing full
service to the Kempsey region.

VK2AMW-1 has had a callsign change and is now VK2RUW-1

VK2AMW-2 has had a callsign change and is now VK2RBT-1

VK2HLT-1 (Leeton) is still under test from Wagga, with a SiteAlert being
added to the setup before the digipeater is relocated to its home on Square

Once VK2HLT-1 is online, we will be talking to Ian (Indy) VK2XB out at Hay
with regards to getting a digi out at his site in Carathool - I believe this
would be VK2ROO-1 if it goes ahead.

Talks have also resumed with the Orana ARC and digipeater images have been
provided for VK2RCD-1 (Dubbo), VK2RCC-1 (Coonabarabran) and VK2RRT-1
(Condoblin).  These digipeaters might start appearing on air for testing
over the coming months, as site suitability and desense issues are
evaluated.  The Dubbo digi may actually become VK2RDD-1 if that proves to be
a better site for the digi, as RDD is the local 70cm repeater, and there are
concerns about desense to the RCD 2m voice repeater.  We'll see what the
guys come up with here :-)

The 70cm network is still on hold pending a few higher priority issues
all-round, however it has not been forgotten about.  The I-Gate will be
operated by VK2INT, with digipeaters in the Sydney region at VK2US-2 and
VK2RSW-2, and also down in the Illawarra region, potentially at VK2RUW-2.

Geoff  VK2XJG

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