[OZAPRS] Cross border propagation

Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Mon Mar 26 09:10:22 EST 2007


I've been meaning to have a chat with VK3AS about his path. I don't think
realises what the recommended settings are.

We have been seeing a lot of VK7 traffic here... We get VK7 a good 50% of
the time, it's like they are locals. I'm sure they see VK3 just as much.

Now that VK3 has change 50% of its RF system to the National APRS Channel,
we are all just one big APRS family.


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> Well here it is as predicted. Not much of a opening tonight . Nothing
> from Mildura or Ouyen but here is Horsham via 3RPG-2 into Adelaide. From
> what I can tell the path was marginal and fleeting tonight..
> 21:15:50R VK3AS>SVT3U3,VK3RPG-2*,VK5RMB-1*,VK5RNE-2*,ARISS,APRSAT Port=1
> <UI R Len=31>:
> 'F'$l 
> 21:15:51R VK3AS>SVT3U3,VK3RPG-2*,VK5RMB-1*,VK5RSC-1*,ARISS,APRSAT Port=1
> <UI R Len=31>:
> 'F'$l 
> Interesting path.. Hope there are no APRSAT or ARISS operating on
> Not sure what the original path was but at a guess its WIDE,WIDE,WIDE or
> maybee RELAY,WIDE,WIDE even
> Hmmm Curious this thing is !!
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