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Gday Jim,
Ill throw my two cents worthin, Go the 706 11 G if you are going to be
it for Ham use, much smaller and so much better to use as a Ham radio,
is also easy to interface.

The Codans are a commercial radio and have features like a commercial
if you will be using the 4wd networks etc you should really use a Codan or
Barrett as the 706 isnt type approved for Commercial HF use, BUT if you
just going to use it for Ham i would use the 706 or any other mobile HF
a Yaesu etc.
The later model Codan antenna the 9350 can be used with most Ham mobiles
like the 706 with just an interface cable or adaptor needed to plug into
accesory connector, ( Google 9350 and 706 ) you can then use the tune
function on your 706. The earlier 8552 which have the straight not tapered
auto tune section cant be used as the control is done externally, plus as
Marc mentioned they are a bad beast, I should know I use one !
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> Hello Jim,
> Firstly, there are good Codan auto-tune antennas and there are bad
> ones. Make sure it is the type with the tapered barrel and not the
> older version with the constant diameter barrel. They are nasty!
> The 9323 is a fine radio. You need to check that it has been
> programmed with Option TXE (Transmitter Enable) otherwise you can't
> easily enter new frequencies from the keypad. You definitely need to
> make sure you get the two Instruction books with the set or get a pdf
> copy for printing. They are a monster to learn to drive. They handle
> data very well and you won't cook them.
> Two issues:
> 1. While you can freely tune the receiver VFO style across any
> frequency, the transmitter does not follow. You have to actually
> programme a spare channel with any Tx/Rx frequency you want to use.
> No good if you are used to QSYing around the bands.
> 2. The data modem connector mating the rear 10 pin GP (General
> Purpose) socket on the rear of the radio is no longer available as
> the Japanese supplier has ceased making them. The rear panel
> connector can be changed back to the 8 pin used on the earlier 8528
> transceiver as these are still a Dick Smith item.
> The earlier 8528 transceiver can be programmed as a true Ham rig with
> full VFO operation across all HF ham bands. However Options are
> needed:
> 1. Option H (Ham) which includes fitting a 1647 KHz crystal to provide
> 2. Option PS (Plug Special) which is the fitting of the rear 8 pin
> connector for a data modem, along with about 15 components that must
> be soldered into the mother board. Codan made the provisions but did
> not populate the PSB. The mods cost around $180.
> Don't get any ideas about trying to push AFSK into the microphone or
> remote control audio inputs on any Codan radio. The audio circuits
> are carefully tailored to round off any clicks during the change from
> Tx to Rx and the first bits of data will be lost. You have to use the
> proper Option inputs mentioned above.
> Both very good radios.
> Regards,   Marc
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> >Hi all,
> >I'm interested in buying a mobile HF radio for touring. I've got a
> >auto tune antenna and I don't know wether to go for a Codan 9323 or a
> >Icom 206mk2g.
> >has anyone used a Codan for HF APRS and other data modes? is it easy to
> >do?
> >Thanks for any info,
> >Jim
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