[OZAPRS] Off topic - perhaps ...

Terry Neumann tfneumann at internode.on.net
Fri Dec 21 21:40:13 EST 2007

I hesitate to ask this; it may be off topic but I'l try to cover myself 
in the explanation. Someone here will know the answer ...

A lot of new gear (some of it APRS associated) I buy these days seems to 
have gone for "upside down" plug packs or power cord plugs.   That is, 
the bulk of the plug pack is above the level of the three pins in the 
standard Australian power plug / socket and the cable exits upwards from 
the top of the pack.

Ditto for the cable entry on the 240vac cable supplied with my Waeco 
camping fridge.  The cord exits the three pin plug upwards instead of 
straight out from the plug or downwards in approximately the four 
o'clock position as with many "Kambrook type" power board supply plugs.

These devices are a real pain when used on the current dual GPO's used 
in many house installations these days, as the GPO switch is hidden 
behind the device and cannot be operated if  the appliance is plugged 
in.  You have to first operate the switch on the GPO and then insert the 
plug or plugpack.  This seems to fly in the face  of accepted safe 
operating practise.

Is there a  good reason for this innovation?  It there is one it eludes 
me, but them I'm usually slow to catch on. 

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