[OZAPRS] Help please - Part number for TM-D700A Head Bracket

Ian Mills imills at awa.com.au
Wed Dec 12 17:12:22 EST 2007

I just bought a 2m Jpole so I'll have to see how that goes when I put it
up this weekend (hopefully).
Take a look at this photo from the balcony of my place overlooking Seven
Mile Beach and beyond. 
>From my car with a small 1/4 wave and 50w I can get into amw-1 sometimes,
-2 sometimes and -4. 
I think the jpole will make a difference, I'll let you know.


Not a problem Ian,

Re the fill in digi, what is coverage up your way like??  Especially since

the move of AMW-1?

I was toying with asking if AMW-4 could go to your place temporarily,

however, I believe there will be a significant loss of coverage out west

sth of Nowra..

If we could get a good idea of the coverage in and around your location it

would help to determine if anything is required and what exactly we need

pwr and antenna).

As for the D7, I haven't followed that discussion, so I cannot comment.  I

did have a spare TNC but that has gone onto VK1RBM-1 as the old one





From: Ian Mills 
Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2007 4:47 PM
To: 'ozaprs at aprs.net.au'
Subject: RE: Help please - Part number for TM-D700A Head Bracket

Many thanks, that's a great help!
I bought the radio 4th hand from vk3mhz who bought it from Andrew vk4tec
who bought it off ...??
Must have lost the bracket along the way !

P.S. .. I responded to your question of where I am located directly to
your email address. 
I'd be happy to setup a fill-in digi if needed till amw-4 gets relocated
.. just need a tnc 
now I discovered the d7 I planned to use can't digi via ui-view



According to the D-700 owners manual

"Front Panel Mounting Bracket (One Pair) J29-0663-XX & J29-0664-XX"

Should have been included with the item at purchase...

Hope this helps



From: Ian Mills 
Sent: Wednesday, 12 December 2007 3:35 PM
To: 'ozaprs at aprs.net.au'
Subject: Help please - Part number for TM-D700A Head Bracket

Can anyone with a d700 please let me know the part number for the head
mounting bracket? Maybe the part number is on the rear of the plastic?
I need one and Kenwood are saying they can't order it without knowing the
part number .... very helpful ...
Any help would be greatly appreciated as the head sometimes goes flying
when I go around a corner too fast!!!
Ian vk2him
AWA Limited

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