Jack Chomley radio at irock.com.au
Mon Dec 10 20:40:27 EST 2007

My motorcycle mobile setup with Icom 703 @ 10 watts, has been making 
it occasionally :-)


Jack VK4JRC-15 motorcycle mobile.

At 07:36 PM 10/12/2007, Richard wrote:

>FYI for APRS HF operators.
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>My HF APRS Gateway/Igate here in Rotorua is now operating 24/7 on
>10.149Mhz netted to VK3MY-4. Dial frequency 10.147.09 USB with my AEA
>DSP2232. Port 1 on HF and Port 2 on VHF.
>Local VHF freq is 144.575mhz.
>Would be interest to hear any reports.
>Good signals from VK but I don't hear any ZL signals.
>40m not suitable here for various reasons.

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