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Richard Hoskin vk3jfk at amsat.org
Mon Aug 13 09:14:45 EST 2007

Hi Ray,

> It's interesting to take a look at the distances to digi's from
> VK7ZRO-15. Of the 7 entries that appear on the "Used Digipeaters" page
> at DB0ANF, the average distance is 1770km. If one weeds out the two "out
> of character" distances of 908km and 483km the average becomes 2200km.
> Regardless, distances around 1700km to 2200km appear to be ideal.

We did a far bit of analysis of 30Mtrs propagation a few years ago and
to a similar conclusion.

With the use of HF APRS and the IPS services we found that on average the
best coverage area for an APRS Gate was 1000Kms to about 1800Kms from the
Gates location. This can vary on occasions depending on the conditions and
other factors such as the Mobile stations installation etc. from around
500Kms to tens of thousands of kilometre. But the most reliable daytime
communications area is around the 1500Km range.

> Makes one wonder about how useful a HF gate would be in Alice Springs,
> particularly for travellers around the coastal roads.

Like you, a few of us have had this realisation and for a while have been
trying to get an APRS HF Gate activated in Alice Springs. We have had a
leads but they have lead to nil. There has been some talk of taking up a
collection and donating an APRS HF System to a willing operator in or

If you or anyone can help with this please let me know.


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