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Ron Perry wrote:

>Have a look about for VK3GLU-15..last time I checked Neil was up the top 
>of Cape York..packets gated VK5ZAB-4
>Richard Hoskin wrote:
>>After playing with the DB0ANF server I've found that...
>>If you want to see Ron's complete trip so far. Take a look at-
>>ts=99999 >
>>We certainly have a very good HF APRS network in Oz now!
>>Thank You! to all the HF Gate Operators that have made this possible.
>>You should be proud.
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>>>For those keeping an eye on VK7ZRO-15, his travel plans include the
>>>Safari Rally (as an Official) which starts in Kununarra on 24 August.
>>>route and other info can be found at
>>>Coverage of his trip so far has been excellent.  It'll be interesting
>>>see how
>>>it goes as he winds down through WA to Perth.
>>>Roger VK7ARN
It's interesting to take a look at the distances to digi's from 
VK7ZRO-15. Of the 7 entries that appear on the "Used Digipeaters" page 
at DB0ANF, the average distance is 1770km. If one weeds out the two "out 
of character" distances of 908km and 483km the average becomes 2200km. 
Regardless, distances around 1700km to 2200km appear to be ideal.

Makes one wonder about how useful a HF gate would be in Alice Springs, 
particularly for travellers around the coastal roads.

Ray vk2tv
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