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Thanks Richard.  That's one of the sites (db0anf) I emailed to Ron for his
family and friends to watch their travels.  Unfortunately we didn't get
tracker fixed in Adelaide.  He's not carrying a PC with him (loaded to the
and an offer of help came after his departure.  He says-

 "Smart beaconing is on.  I have the rate set at 10 minutes for fast speed
20 minutes for slow speed.  Looks like smart beaconing takes over.  Not
much I
can do about it until I get home.  I'll only turn it on from time to

His track seems to support that.  I asked him to leave it on unless he was
in a
built up area and turning lots of corners.  Maybe we can get him fixed
whan he
gets to Perth.  I believe he's doing a side trip to SA from Perth (SA =
Africa), so there will be a break before he turns back east.  I doubt
let him take his Codan on the flight!

Interesting Google sat. image of their stop at Top Springs tonight.
it's aged.  The track around the car park looks odd.  If you look at the
map rather than the sat image you can see a different set up.  A quick
search showed up a NT planning document for a motel development which is
consistent with the map view.  Also an ABC story on a planned motel
The round the car park track then makes sense!

Roger VK7ARN

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Ron is giving the HF network a good coverage test.

You can keep track of his trip daily at - 

This server will also give you all the HF Gates that Ron has used in a
nice easy
to read list. It may help us to get an idea of coverage areas for the HF

I noticed that his beacon rate appears to be pretty high.
Did he manage to get it fixed in Adelaide?


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> For those keeping an eye on VK7ZRO-15, his travel plans include the 
> Australian Safari Rally (as an Official) which starts in Kununarra on 
> 24 August.  The rally
> route and other info can be found at
> http://www.australiansafari.com.au/default.aspx?s=courseoutline
> Coverage of his trip so far has been excellent.  It'll be interesting 
> to see how it goes as he winds down through WA to Perth.
> Roger VK7ARN
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